My name is Debbie and I am so excited to share with you my journey as a single, Christian woman in a world that celebrates relationships.  I have struggled throughout the years with dating, engagement, broken engagements, and the misunderstanding of friends and family as I have desired to live the life God has prepared for me.  As I have shared my story with other woman, I have found that it is not only healing for me but gives hope to others.

So, I hope you find comfort and support here. I pray you find understanding and wisdom here. Please know there is a loving Father, who loves you more deeply than any husband can or will and He desires to fill your soul in a way no person ever could!  But, He also has created us for relationships and desires to bless you, His daughter, with so much if you will only trust His heart for you.

Blessings on you as you continue this journey called life.  Seek His face in your longing, for only His love will bring what you hope for.  No other can fill your dreams for a lifetime, so come unto Him, and He will heal your wounded heart, eternally.  Oh, seek His face.