Kick in the Stomach

So, back to the story here.  Dan and I had taken a few walks and spent casual time together.  We had even gone to a concert in Chicago together but it wasn’t a date.  I had asked a friend to go with me to Candlelight Carols in Chicago at Moody Bible Institute.  I had also asked Dan but he had to work that night.  The day before the concert he told me he didn’t have to work, so I invited him again.  This time he said yes.  I didn’t tell my friend, Becky, right away that he was coming.  Becky and I were in the atrium of the church, getting ready to leave and I mentioned that Dan was coming with us. All of a sudden, she said she couldn’t go!  She had work for her husband that she needed to do! “What!??” I exclaimed.  “You can’t leave me!”  “Do you remember when I asked you what qualities you wanted in a husband?” she asked me.  “Yes, I do.”  She continued, “Dan is the man I thought of for you.  He has those qualities.”  “But, it will look like I set this up!” I said.  “Mark and I will come with you two next year, after you’re married!”  Becky said. And then she left!  When Dan arrived, I told him Becky had a change in plans.  We took my car, but he drove.  When we arrived in Chicago, we decided to get dinner before the concert and he paid.  But, it really wasn’t a date!  Or was it?  I’m not sure, but we had a wonderful time.

Fast forward to January.  Our kid’s ministry was having a family night program.  I was standing off to the side and saw Dan with another woman from the church.  They were obviously together. When I saw them together, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.  I could barely breathe.  I cried on the way home, devastated.  I don’t know if they were seriously dating but they were together.  That was enough to convince me that he wasn’t available.  At least not right now.  I had been in a small group that Dan led, but decided to leave that group and join another.  It was becoming painful to see him and not have more of a relationship with him.  Other women in the group would talk about how attractive he was and that they would like to go out with him.  It was time to move on.

A month later, we had another family night program.  I had an appointment with a volunteer so I stayed in the offices that night.  The volunteer and I met in another room, across from my office.  While we were talking, Dan came into my office, stood in front of my computer and then left.  It looked like he had put something on my desk but I wasn’t sure what it was.  Curious, I went to see.  And there, in front of my keyboard, was a candy heart he had gotten from the snacks at Family Night.  I couldn’t tell you what it said, but that small action gave me some hope.  Maybe he was interested and just didn’t show it?  Maybe he wasn’t dating the other woman.  Or was he just being funny?  Cute? Hmmmm.  Now, I really didn’t know what to think!



One thought on “Kick in the Stomach

  1. Ok, you left me wondering and wanting the story to continue even though I know what happened 🙂
    Debbie, you have hidden your talent for writing too long. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for
    you. Love you!


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