Is there a ring on that finger??

The church in Rockford offered me the job of Children’s Ministry Director.  Even though I had secretly hoped they wouldn’t!  Why?  Because I was comfortable.  Very comfortable.  And settled.  I liked where I was, my friends, my job, my church.  Why go and upset that?  But, God had made it clear through circumstances and the voice of others that Rockford was where He had for me to go next.  So, I went.

Before I left, I had to tell the residents at the retirement home where I worked that I was leaving, which was very difficult.  I had come to love all of them and felt like I had 850 grandparents!   When you work in a home like that you become part of their family.  There’s just no way around it.

One of my residents, Ethel, came to me after I announced my leaving and she told me that she and God had talked about my decision and she told Him that she was very unhappy with the whole thing!  And then she told me that God told her I was going to meet my husband in Rockford AND he would have children. (I had a hysterectomy earlier in the year and many of the residents knew.  Even if I were to get married, I would not be able to have children of my own.)

My response?  “That’s nice.  Sure.  We’ll see.”  I truly had started to give up hope and didn’t want to get my hopes up again only to be disappointed.  Besides, I was going there to lead a children’s ministry.  That was why God had called me there.

My first day on my job, Becky, my assistant took me to meet Dan.  She said he was very helpful if I was there in the evening.  We walked down the stairs to meet him and as I looked down the hall towards him I heard “That’s him.”  Not audibly but whispered in my spirit.  I know it sounds mystical and all.  I don’t claim to hear God audibly.  I have sensed God’s leading in different ways but that was the first time I heard a clearly spoken word.

As I looked down the hall, I could see he was tall, well built, had stature, and was very attractive!   As we walked closer I discreetly looked to see if there was a ring on that finger!  Lo and behold!  There was no ring!!!

Becky introduced us and Dan referred to an illustration I had given to the volunteers in the children’s ministry a few weeks before I started my job.  It was a chance for them to get to know me a bit before I hit the ground running in August.  So, not only was he good looking, he was a part of the children’s ministry!  And he listened to what I said and remembered it!  Hmmmm.

Was this the man God had for me?  Could he be the one?  Or was I just making it all up in my head?

Not long after I started my job, one of the church staff asked me to her house for dinner and said I could bring a guest.  A guest?  I hardly knew anyone. And the only one that came to mind was, you guessed it!  Dan!  But, how could I ask him?  We had just met!   What was I thinking?  So, I asked Becky about him, just to get some information before I possibly made a fool of myself.

When I asked Becky what she knew of Dan, her eyes lit up and she asked why I wanted to know!  I told her I thought he was attractive and wanted to know more about him.  She told me he was on the quiet side but had a great sense of humor and was wonderful with his son, Patrick.  She also told me he was a volunteer in the room with Patrick and led a small group of boys each week.  She had nothing but good things to say about him.  And there was this little glimmer in her eye.  What was that all about?

I know you’re wondering – did I ask him to that dinner?  I did get up the nerve!  He had to work that night but was honored that I had asked him.  Little did he know, I was planning on honoring him more in the future!


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