Rockford? What’s in Rockford??

My friend, Kaleen, called me one day in May, 2004.  I had just ended ANOTHER relationship but I was happy in my job, loved my church, had the cutest little condo, decorated just the way I wanted, good friends, great family, my health, and most importantly a relationship with my heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.  All was good!  Then Kaleen called!

“So, how you doin?  What you been up to?  Are you still dating that guy?  How’s work?”  My reply, “Good, working, no, and it’s going well! Why?”  Now, you have to understand that my friend Kaleen is always on the lookout for her friends.  She looks for ways to challenge, equip, move, grow, and help her friends to become more of who God has created them to be.  I love her for that!  She has pushed me to grow in ministry and relationships in so many ways.  I am so thankful for her.

But, when she called, I knew she had something up her sleeve.  That’s just how she is!  “Why?”  I asked.  Please don’t ask me to move out of my place of comfort.  I had moved 37 times by this time in my life and wanted to stay in my cute little place.  I had a great job and was involved in ministry at my church.  I was settled.  I didn’t want any changes, but I knew from her voice she had a challenge for me.

“Well, there is this church in Rockford that needs a children’s ministry director, and they want someone with special needs and drama background.  You’d be perfect!”  “Rockford?” I said with a bit of unbelief in my voice.  “What’s in Rockford?”  All I knew of Rockford was that it’s out in the middle of corn fields and I had a really bad, personal ads date there.  Ugghhh.  Rockford?  I don’t think so!  “Will you pray about it?” Kaleen asked, like any ministry leader would ask!  Now I felt guilty for not being open to what God might have for me.  “Yes, I’ll pray about it” I said with an attitude of resignation. Lord, Rockford? Rockford?  I’m so comfortable here!  Maybe it won’t be a good fit!  Maybe they won’t want me for the position.  I can at least interview but then hope they don’t offer.  I knew that if they offered that was God pointing me in that direction.  Oh, please don’t let them make an offer!

Well, God DIDN’T answer that prayer!  They liked me, offered me the job and the next thing I knew I was packing up for move #38 to ROCKFORD!  What’s in Rockford????? Little did I know that God was about to answer a sweet sorrow prayer!




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