We are Wild! We are Free! We are Single!!

I got this “Cathy” card from a friend with Cathy on the front, her arms flung up to the sky, proclaiming, “We are wild! We are free!  We are single!” On the inside, tears are streaming out of Cathy’s eyes as she sobs, “We are single.”

Oh, how often I’ve been able to relate to those words!  I’ve loved my independence to travel, spent my money the way I want, decorated the way I wanted, gone to bed and gotten up when I wanted, hung out with whoever I want!  I am wild, free and single!!

With all this freedom to be wherever, whenever, whoever I want, why do I long to be un-single?  Why do we long to be part of a pair?  I traveled the world with a friend, through 7 countries in 25 days, with only a train ticket and my backpack.  I’ve lived with great roommates, had great jobs, been involved in so many great ministries, had great friends to hang out with and share life’s joys and sorrows with.  I’ve led a rich, full, exciting, meaningful life!  So, why this strong desire to be un-single?

Probably the hardest time of each week is after church, as I’ve watched families climb into the car together or couples holding hands as they walk to their cars.  I’ve had great roommates that I’ve loved to spend time with, but it’s not the same.  They make plans with other friends.  Their life doesn’t revolve around us.  They’re hoping to be un-single too!

And then there’s the reality that my great group of single friends are slowly becoming un-single themselves.  I’ve been to so many weddings where I sat there with a smile barely clinging to my face as I wished them well, all the while wondering will that ever be me?  Will I ever have that special someone look at me like he looks at her?  Will I ever get to dance that first dance?

Well, not if I keep running away!  So, if I want so much to be un-single, why do I keep running away?

The morning I shared my thoughts about being a single Christian woman with my church, our pastor talked about how we are all single, even if we are married.  That someday we will each stand before our loving Lord, each of us alone, and give an account for our lives.  How did I spend my time while I was single?  Did I wallow in self-pity, feeling rejected and lonely or did I take that time and give it away to others, serving them, sharing Christ’s love with them?  You see, I’m not really alone, ever, if I have the love of Christ in me.  He promises He will never leave or forsake me.  A husband may leave involuntarily or voluntarily.  My friends may move away or get married.  But, I am never really alone, ever.  And with that promise, that certainty, that hope, I can live wild, free and single!


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