My First Date

He lived down the street from us and I saw him everyday, walking to school, playing outside, skating on the pond across the street.  I think I was in first grade.  We moved a lot when I was young, so I’m not sure but it was about then.  One day Keith and his older brother came to my door and Dee’s door down the street.  They asked us if we wanted to come to their house and have snacks and listen to Bill Cosby.

Mom said yes so I went.  We listened to Bill Cosby talk about his little brother, Russell, jumping on the bed and getting in trouble.  We drank Coke and ate pretzels.  I knew Keith really liked me when he dropped part of his pretzel in my Coke and laughed.  A true sign of true love.  Or was he just being a guy?  I’ll never know because we moved shortly after that.

So, it was a date, right?  He made a plan, asked me to come, provided entertainment, food and beverages, walked me home.  A date!


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